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Plastic wrap to lose weight

Thin reasons:

With low air permeability of the wrap film, And then let the heat of different part of the body increase sharply, thus causing a lot of sweat and burn fat consumption, Finally, to achieve weight loss slimming effect. In fact, the plastic wrap diet is just like diuretics, To achieve the purpose of reducing the weight by reducing body water.

This weight loss is very popular in the young Japanese girl.


Plastic wrap diet step:

Now many people use plastic wrap to lose weight plus the movement , increased sweating, and promote the consumption of fat, but this method is relatively hard, and to use it takes a very long time, so a wide variety of the method, such as freezing and cling film weight loss methods, freezing method is the use of sharp decline in body temperature to accelerate the decomposition of fat diet, the general application in the professional beauty salon, the effect is obvious.

The following are the more popular plastic wrap way to lose weight step. This method is convenient and simple, you can do it at home, which can take advantage of thin cream to massage the thigh or leg and other parts, and then paste the plastic wrap to lose weight.


1.connected to the legs and thighs and buttocks place daub the lipolysis gel.

2.Coated with elastic bandage wraps.

3.coated with the frozen liquid, the elastic bandage is removed after about 45 minutes.

4.it is best to use plastic wrap legs wrapped around all. With cold towels to wipe sweat, make the skin more smooth and elastic leg.

5.legs open, slightly wider than shoulder, hand to grip the heel.

6.Keep the waist down, at right angles with the legs and hips.


The principle of plastic wrap to lose weight.

1.less water .

Plastic wrap principle of the diet is the same as diuretics. Mainly by reducing the water in the body to achieve the purpose of weight and effect. Only to lose its weight loss effects of water in the body, It is not fat, but a water weight and restore the original. The reason is similar to a sauna, steam bath, or wear plastic clothes running.

2. there is the risk of allergy

While the body be wrapped in plastic wrap, Cells are not the normal metabolism of excessive water loss. Skin wrapped in plastic wrap will affect the normal evaporation of sweat, which is easy to produce side effects, The skin will not be able to heat leaving the sweat accumulate at the local, it is easily lead to skin diseases such as eczema, folliculitis. Coupled with the wrap film itself is a chemical, it is also easily lead to skin allergies, cause harm to the body.

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